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I have just finished a wonderful documentary shoot in Turkey that was production managed by Ebru Karacan. May I just say that from start to finish Ebru was a delight to work with, a complete professional and an unbelievable asset to our project, EXALTATION. Ebru is flexible, quick-witted and thorough. Her choice of crew members and planning for our trip was exemplary. And, to put a fine point on it, it was a pleasure to spend the days with her. I recommend her to any and all future productions for the amazing contributions she will make to your work.
Matthew Diamond
Producer-Director EXALTATION

Dear ebru,
Just a quick note to say thank you for your hard work on our little film, and for providing us with such a kind and capable crew. Nicole and I hope to see you again. Take care and thanks again. 
John Malkovich

Our time working with Ebru and her crew was exceptional and enjoyable. Our budgeting process was exceptionally clear and on set, everything ran like clockwork. She provided us with an experienced lighting crew, solid equipment, and delicious meals cooked on set. Once we wrapped, Ebru showed us a great time in Istanbul. 
Arianne Culley 


Ebru Karacan’s international Producing credentials were immediately evident from her pertinent questioning, competitive budgeting and comprehensive production schedules. Recognising the standards expected by Disney Ebru methodically delivered what would have not been normally possible on this most challenging of shoots. Her professionalism unquestionable, her attention to detail and technical awareness inspiring. With her unprecedented knowledge and unique influence throughout this region Ebru Karacan commands pole position within Turkey’s production elite. 
When managing the demanding aspects of broadcast I couldn't recommend Ebru and her team highly enough.
James Pearson
On-Air Manager of Production
CEEMA On-Air Production
The Walt Disney Company
Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa

Dear Ebru,
It was real pleasure for all of us to work with you during our shooting in Istanbul this summer. Thank you for being so honest and calm. And above it all thank you the brilliant fast and in time reactions and for helping us to handle with all the work we had to do in just three days. Being the first time to shoot in Turkey for our crew we were really worried if we will be able to handle because of the time shortage, the fact that our main actors were 5-yearsold kinds and the need of improvising most of the time. We all admire your professional work, enthusiasm and flexibility. We have already edited the Istanbul episodes and they look perfectly J. I do hope to have the chance soon to work with you again and I’d warmly recommend your company to all filmmakers with projects, related with Turkey in a way.
Margarita Radeva,
Line Producer, Bulgaria

Working with Ebru was such a pleasure. Her attention to detail, flexibility with our ever-changing needs, & quick responses in spite of the time difference really put my mind at ease. She worked with our budget and requirements and helped our team travel and work efficiently & comfortably at the end of a very long international tour. I look forward to working with her in the future, and I highly recommend her services.

Marian Walsh
Producer, Button Productions