Odessa Jazz Festival


Odessa is a multicultural, multi-religious city with more than one million inhabitants and with European traditions. The city occupies a unique place in the post-Soviet space and among the Black Sea countries. Here Odessa rightly called «the capital of jazz».

The first “Jazz Carnival in Odessa” was held in 2001. At the same time was first announced “legend” festival “Jazz was born in Odessa! Do not give jazz to die at home! “.

In the first year of the “Jazz Carnival” were formed, many of its principles: the multicultural and free from rigid stylistic framework, the festival, which is not limited only concerts in halls, but also goes out to the streets, the festival, which is jazz in all its manifestations and “borderline” (this may include demonstrations, “jazz” films, sound films jazz musicians, dance projects with DJs and dance schools, etc.).

The purpose of the jazz festival in Odessa has never been a purely commercial or entertainment: Yuri Kuznetsov and Mikhail Freidlin called for the return of the city of Odessa, the status of the jazz center of Ukraine.

Head of the International Jazz Festival in Odessa is a composer and pianist Yuri Kuznetsov. And the very name of the festival today sounds very European Odessa JazzFest.


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